How 15 Minutes Can Impact Your Business: A LinkedIn Presentation

I had such an amazing time last week at MicroCorp‘s One on One event in Atlanta! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know so many MicroCorp partners in a face-to-face environment and learn from all of you. I was also honored to present a training session on using LinkedIn to grow your business. In the presentation, I covered:

  • Important LinkedIn statistics
  • A 6-step strategy for generating new business
  • A 15-minute formula to ensure your efforts are fruitful
  • How to grow your network
  • How to effectively publish content and engage with your audience
  • How to build prospecting lists
  • The best scripts to use when prospecting on LinkedIn
  • Samples of effective posts
  • And much more!

So many of you came up to me after the presentation or reached out via email to request my presentation slides, and I’m more than happy to share! I truly hope the information was super helpful for you, and if there’s anything I missed that’s working for you, I’d love to hear from you.

My slides are embedded here, and you can also download them by clicking on the link below. Enjoy!

Download Slides: LinkedIn: How 15 Minutes Can Majorly Impact Your Business from Angela Leavitt

Looking for more help on your LinkedIn, or wondering how to craft a social media strategy?

Here are some additional resources for you published on our blog:

Also, check out our LinkedIn as a Service program if you’d like someone to handle all this for you. I’d be happy to show you all the ways we’ve helped other telecom companies and industry leaders grow their networks, influence, leads and revenue through this powerful social media platform.

Again, it was great to see you all in Atlanta and I hope to speak with you again soon!

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