How to Maximize LinkedIn Engagement for Your Company

What’s the most effective way to use LinkedIn for your company goals? Drive engagement with the right audience by posting in these 4 different ways.

Most businesses rely on a LinkedIn company page to share blog posts and company updates. LinkedIn engagement — comments, likes, and shares — can help posts reach a wider audience and drive leads back to a company website.

But there’s more you can do beyond posting as your company page to get your message out.

Four ways to post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers four main ways to post an update:

  • Posting as your company page.
  • Posting as your personal LinkedIn page.
  • Writing an article in LinkedIn Publisher.
  • Posting into LinkedIn Groups.

Different methods of posting serve different purposes and are intended for different audiences.

Like all social networks, LinkedIn’s structure and algorithm are constantly changing.

Longer text-based posts are now all the rage, sometimes gaining likes and comments in the tens of thousands. Link-based posts gain moderate attention, but can still often be the best way to share a blog post or company update.

LinkedIn Publisher has evolved into a platform that everyone can use to get their work noticed, instead of just a select few. The home page is now a Facebook-like news feed that gets lots of attention and activity.

With all of these features it can be a bit intimidating figuring out where and how to post.

How should I post to maximize LinkedIn engagement?

When posting on LinkedIn, the main thing to consider is your intended audience.

If you’re someone with 10+ years of experience in the telecom industry, for example, and you’ve made thousands of LinkedIn Connections in your industry over the years, posting to your personal page can be very effective.

Additionally, if what you’re looking to share is about an experience or achievement personal to you, your personal page is the way to go.

If however, you’re newer to LinkedIn or only have a few connections, posting as your company page will give your posts more authority and reach.

Also, if your company is established and has a large following on LinkedIn, posting as your company is a no-brainer.

Beyond the basics: Groups and Publisher

LinkedIn Groups open you up to a pool of new people outside of your connections, and can be just the right audience for industry specific posts.

Type your keywords into LinkedIn’s advanced ‘Groups’ search. You can then look at how many members different groups have.

LinkedIn group search

LinkedIn Groups are just as valuable for networking as they are for sharing content. Once you’ve found the right Groups, post a mix of your own blog posts and outside articles, and interact with others to maximize LinkedIn Group engagement.

One of the best ways to get your posts noticed and shared is to write an article on LinkedIn Publisher. Once only available to select influencers, now anyone can use Publisher.

Articles written on Publisher look more authoritative than a standard LinkedIn post. This makes them more enticing to share. That doesn’t mean that anything you write will get lots of shares, however. You still have to create a valuable, thought provoking piece to maximize engagement.

best linked post to promoteBoost your best content

A great way to utilize LinkedIn Publisher is to link back to your company blog from an article you’ve written.

For your best blog posts, write a short introduction on Publisher to draw readers in. Then add a link at the bottom of the article to “Read more.” The link will go to your blog post on your website. Doing this for your best, longform content is a great way to generate leads and make the most of your LinkedIn engagement.

example of linkedin engagement in social marketing

Take a look at the example above with one of our longer posts on IT buyers. Using this technique, our article drove 4x more traffic to our site than the next most popular landing page.

Finding just the right mix of posting methods will take some experimentation. Maximizing LinkedIn engagement for your business will be worth it in the long run. Once you’ve found the posting strategy that works best for your business, you can drive leads and engagement without spending too much time on LinkedIn.

If content and social marketing is out of your wheelhouse, or if you have too much on your plate, Mojenta can help. Reach out to us and we’ll help you get set up with social — or do it all for you.

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