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3 Reasons To Have A Mobile-Friendly Website

Numerous studies and reports have reported the rapid growth of mobile device usage. In fact, the growing importance of ensuring that your website is totally responsive and friendly to all mobile devices is highlighted in a recent post on Search Engine Land. According to the post, there are three practical concerns that every business on the web should be aware of.

​Mobile Is Used as a Primary Tool

Many decision makers in the B2B market now use mobile as a primary tool. A survey by Millward Brown Digital discovered that many B2B buyers and decision makers are using their mobile devices to conduct much of the research they formerly conducted on PCs. Moreover, nearly half the searches and queries done on mobile devices were conducted at work, according to the 3,000 respondents.

​Customers Expect Mobile Access

Customer expectations now include mobile access, and companies that respond to this expectation are in a win-win situation. Effective mobile capabilities enhance branding, site traffic, and visibility, and increase engagement and loyalty. In contrast, users feel frustrated and less likely to work with a firm that does not have a mobile website.

​​​Mobile Impacts Marketing Metrics

Failure to properly integrate mobile into the marketing mix can have a significant impact on a business. A lack of an appropriate mobile web presence can cause a loss of overall traffic and even a drop in organic ranking.

Mobile is no longer just an option, and will only increase in importance in the near future. Responding to this challenge can present real opportunities in the B2B market space. To learn how Mojo Marketing can help make your website mobile-friendly, contact us today.

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