How Lead Scoring Can Help MSPs Maximize ROI

Few things are more frustrating than getting zero ROI from your marketing efforts. Many of the MSPs that seek our expertise come to us because they’re trying to differentiate and grow their customer bases – and existing marketing efforts aren’t doing anything to turn those problems around.

One major contributor to the marketing ROI problem we often see with MSPs: wasting time and effort on unqualified leads. How do you remediate this? Lead scoring.

What Is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is a process that leverages data to calculate a numerical score you can apply to each of your leads that helps you prioritize and respond to them appropriately. There are many different lead scoring models, and every MSP will have different goals that inform the lead scoring method they choose. 

Using information you’ve collected about how businesses have interacted with your MSP in various ways – engagement with your website, interaction with your social channels, clicks on your emails, etc. – you score your leads numerically, with different attributes carrying different weights. 

What you get is a data-driven, prioritized list of leads that will help you see better ROI on your marketing, focus your sales efforts, and increase your conversion rates.

Why Lead Scoring Helps MSPs

MSPs often lack definition around who their target buyers are. This translates to scattered messaging that fails to concisely articulate your value. Your prospects expect more personalized communication – so if your message is missing the mark, your leads aren’t turning into customers.

Through lead scoring, you’ll identify not only who your most qualified leads are, but why these particular leads offer the best chance of converting. How does this help you?

  • You can tailor your messaging to help you differentiate your MSP from all the others.
  • You can refine your definition of who your target buyers are and shift your marketing strategy accordingly.
  • Your sales and marketing departments will be better aligned.

Ultimately, this will lead to more sales – and clear ROI on your marketing efforts.

How to Implement Lead Scoring

Getting started with lead scoring involves a three-step process.

  1. Create your buyer personas. Look at your current customers and determine who the decision-makers are, analyze their pain points, and see how they’ve interacted with your MSP in the past. 
  2. Figure out the data points you want to score. Lead scoring requires you to assign actual point values to certain attributes. Based on your buyer personas, you can choose to weight certain characteristics more heavily than others, like:
    • Demographic information such as job title, company size, industry, and geographic location.
    • Behavioral criteria, including actions that are taken with your MSP, like email clicks, content downloads, webinar registration, or webpage visits.
  3. Assign point values. Based on the traits that have led to closed deals in the past, you place greater weight on certain attributes than on others. For example, someone who visits your website’s homepage would receive fewer points than someone who downloads a webinar recording or registers for a virtual lunch-and-learn.

You and Mojenta: A Lead Scoring Dream Team

While the process of lead scoring is straightforward, it takes experience and expertise to do it right. Mojo has spent years helping MSPs qualify their leads, maximize ROI on marketing, and grow their businesses. If you’re ready to improve your marketing, get in touch with us now.

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