How To Avoid The Spam Folder In Your Email Marketing: 6 Tips

Email marketing continues to prove itself as a top contender to reach prospects and, if used correctly, convert those prospects into customers. Many telecom agents as well as larger telecom companies rely on a variety of email marketing tactics, such as campaigns, newsletters, and cold emailing, to reach new prospects and remain top-of-mind with their current customers.

Email marketing’s relevance and effectiveness make it a necessary component of any telecom company’s marketing plan. It makes understanding the metrics of one’s email marketing important as well. If you are utilizing email marketing but are left wondering why you aren’t seeing results, it could be your deliverability.

When assessing email marketing’s effectiveness, most people will look to the open rates and click-through rates. While these metrics provide valuable insights, they won’t paint a complete picture if your emails aren’t even making it into your contacts’ inboxes in the first place. If you aren’t seeing the results you want from an email marketing campaign, try these tips to increase deliverability:

Provide High Quality Content

Giving subscribers a good reason to open your email will result in increased engagement and boost your deliverability rates. The best way to do this is to provide readers with high quality content and a subject line that matches what is in the email.

Segment Your List

In order to provide good content to your readers, it is important to know what their interests are. Segmenting your email list allows you to more easily send relevant content based on the different interests of different lists.

Use a Real Sender Name

Do you like receiving emails from someone you don’t know or, even worse, a spam account with bogus email information? Chances are you are like most everyone else and prefer to receive emails from people or companies you know or recognize. Make sure your email is coming from someone who will make sense to the receiver.

Don’t Purchase an Email List

Try to build your email list naturally over time so that you know that whoever is receiving your emails actually wants to receive them. These subscribers are much more valuable because of their higher engagement metrics, which in turn will keep your deliverability rates high.

Preview the Email on Different Devices

Email inboxes are accessed through a variety of different devices, so checking your email on an array of devices ensures that it will render appropriately wherever it is opened.


One major rule of email marketing to increase deliverability is to adhere to all spam rules. This includes avoiding deceptive subject lines, providing an opt-out link, and listing your business.

Overall, the number one rule to follow when sending a newsletter, cold email, or any other type of email marketing is to be as transparent with readers as possible. Always be up-front and honest with readers to build trust and keep them opening your email every time.

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