Top B2B Telecom and IT Marketing Predictions for 2023: A Roundup

The new year is in full swing, and, as always, the B2B telecom and IT industry is poised for some big changes. To help you tackle all the hurdles like a pro this year, we scoured the top predictions reports in the industry from giants like HubSpot, Gartner, and others to create this CliffsNotes-style guide just for you.

Keep reading for a list of each of the main points we gathered from our research – simply click each resource for more detail and context. Feel free to bookmark this page and come back whenever you need a refresh!

9 B2B Marketing Resources (and the Biggest Takeaways)

  1. 2023 Marketing Strategy & Trends Report
    • Short-form video content will see the most growth in 2023.
    • Influencer marketing will continue to grow its high ROI.
    • Branded social media DM tactics are growing.
    • Website SEO continues to shine.
    • Marketers will continue to humanize their brands.
    • Marketers will benefit from data in 2023.
  2. State of Inbound Marketing Trends - HubSpot
    • Short-form video is the most effective type of social media content.
    • Videos are the top content marketing media format for the third year in a row.
    • Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are the top social media platforms for marketing.
    • Creating higher quality content less often is more effective.
    • Facebook has the best ROI for social media ads versus other platforms.
  3. The Top Marketing Trends of 2023 & How They've Changed Since 2022 - HubSpot
    • Influencer marketing will evolve into a common marketing tactic.
    • Video marketers will keep content short.
    • Social media will become a customer service tool.
    • More businesses will leverage SEO to concur search traffic.
    • Mobile optimization will be even more critical.
  4. 8 Predictions About B2B Marketing in 2023 - LinkedIn
    • Efficiency is a necessity.
    • The “Everyone-Sourced Pipeline” is taking over the Marketing-Sourced Pipeline.
    • The self-service buyer will continue to rise.
    • The lines between ABM & Demand Gen have blurred.
    • Privacy will still be consequential.
    • Marketers are delaying the inevitable embrace of the metaverse and Web3.
    • Dark communities’ place in the buying process will keep growing.
  5. Top Trends to Impact CMOs in 2023 - Gartner
    • Shifting customer behaviors will amplify uncertainty.
    • Cross-functional collaboration yields worse outcomes.
    • Disruptive market dynamics are eroding traditional sources of brand value.
  6. 5 Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2023 - Gartner
    • AI-augmented operations have allowed for smarter data-driven decisions.
    • The increasing volume of fake content requires constant monitoring.
    • Consumers view product placement favorably.
    • Loyal customers are essential for growth.
    • Marketers can use AI for good – or bad.
  7. State of Marketing Report - Salesforce
    • Marketers are focused on driving value amidst change.
    • Innovative channels and tactics will redefine customer engagement.
    • Marketers continue to walk the “personalization vs. privacy” tightrope.
    • KPIs will shift as marketers adopt real-time intelligence.
    • Distributed teams will unite with collaboration technology.
    • Marketers will continue to lead with values.
  8. 5 predictions for B2B marketing in 2023 - Insider Intelligence
    • Digital self-service will dominate the B2B buyer journey.
    • Marketers need to get tech integration right.
    • The importance of normalized and compliant data will grow.
    • Marketers will own the full customer life cycle and expand their B2B tactics.
    • Personalized, targeted content will be imperative.
  9. 3 Trends That Will Shape B2B CMOs’ 2023 Planning - Forbes
    • Marketers must address changing buyer behaviors.
    • Implementing a purpose-driven brand has become essential.
    • The focus on post-sale customer engagement will continue to grow.

We agree with this research, especially in light of buyer behavior changes and trends toward digital self-service. And we can’t understate the importance of video, living your brand’s values, and maintaining healthy alignment between sales and marketing.

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