Five Website Design Trends We Noticed In 2020

It’s an exciting time for web design! There are a lot of cool and useful web design trends emerging for 2020 because of new studies and coding advancements. Below are the top five 2020 web design trends that you’ll begin to notice throughout the internet.

Oversized Lettering

Typography seems to get a little larger each year, and 2020 is no exception. Typography has become more of a focus because of simplification of website design in general. Large typography draws the user’s eye to focus on your product, branding message, or whatever you want to convey. There are plenty of CSS animations you can use in addition to large typography to give it that extra shine.

3D Design

3D design started becoming more popular mid-2019 and looks to become even more so in 2020. With its eye-catching, pop-out elements that can either be static or interactive, it’s not surprising this design trend has caught on. 3D design can make an ordinary object such as a suitcase more interesting.

Split Content Design

Containing content to one half of the screen is a good way to organize your site while allowing for the use of large imagery. It also helps guide the user’s eye downward by having it scan shorter lines of text instead of full width. A few other benefits of split content design are:

  • Presenting the user with a choice (this or that)
  • Having the desktop and mobile experience look similar overall by creating containers
  • Stand out from other websites

Full-Screen Forms

Full-screen forms are exactly what they sound like. Instead of a form being contained to section of the website, full-screen forms take over the entire screen, much like a light box image display does. This helps grab the users attention and forces them to focus solely on filling out the form which increases the chance of conversion. Here is a link to a modern example of what a full-screen form could look like.

Data Collection

Over the years, more and more studies showing the patterns and behaviors of users have emerged. This information is valuable for web design. Ultimately the average user in your market should be the person for whom your website is designed. In 2020, data collection is becoming more popular and is likely to be the main force behind web design by the end of next year.

Do any of these 2020 web design trends appeal to you as you think about how you’ll depict your company in the new year? Implementing one (or all!) of these trends in your next website design will ensure an engaging and modern website experience for your users. Need a new telecom website design but don’t know how to get started? Contact Mojenta today!

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