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4 Tips For A Successful Client-Agency Relationship

Hi, I’m Angela Leavitt, Founder and CEO of Mojenta. Welcome to part one of our series How to Build an Extraordinary Client<>Agency Partnership.

If you’re here, you’re probably:

  • A current Mojenta customer
  • Considering working with us (or another agency) 
  • Recently signed with us and waiting to onboard

I want to help you get ready for an agency relationship so you have the best experience possible! 

A Formula for Success

At Mojenta, we want every client to be wildly successful. In our experience serving more than 300 customers since 2010, we've learned to identify the essential ingredients to building an amazing partnership.

Many criteria listed below were acquired through experience and learning from our mistakes. You don't survive 10+ years of business without some battle wounds!

The good news is that today we are crystal clear on what you need to be ready for an agency. This includes potential roadblocks that could cause a strenuous relationship if not addressed early.

In his book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, Gino Wickman outlines a formula for ensuring right-fit staff. We have taken his formula and applied it to our potential clients, so we look for those who:

  1. Get it
  2. Want it
  3. Have the capacity to do it

Do You 'Get It'?

Getting it means having the right mindset and attitudes. When you 'get it,' your agency spends less time explaining and more time doing - which means you get results faster.

Check out this list to determine if you have a team who 'gets it.'

Gets It Why It's Important
Embraces current marketing techniques Marketing strategies evolve quickly. You must keep up to stay ahead!
Values an agency's expertise and trusts its processes Your agency has honed its team, tools, and processes to give you the best experience and results.
Marathon mindset There are no shortcuts to success. You should have  patience, consistency, and a commitment to excellence.
Knows what success looks like With clear direction and target KPIs, your agency can aim its efforts directly at your goals.
Loves data and  measuring tools (like HubSpot) Better data = better decision making and faster results.

Do You 'Want It'?

When you want it, you're engaged and enthusiastic. Clients who want it are excellent communicators and collaborators, making the relationship smooth.

Here is what it looks like when you 'want it.'

Wants It Why It's Important
Thirsty for growth You're eager to collaborate, quicker to provide feedback, and don't sweat the small stuff.
A collaborative attitude You're neither too demanding nor too distant; this ensures a harmonious relationship.
Stakeholder alignment Misalignment causes projects to go over time and budget.

Do You Have 'Capacity to Do It'?

We encounter the most challenges here. Capacity means budget, competency, and time. Without enough of each on the client side, we may struggle to meet your expectations.

Has Capacity Doesn't Have Capacity
Enough budget to support your goals You can't get 'gourmet' results on a 'fast food' budget. Realistic expectations mean greater success.
A designated, competent point of contact (POC) An in-house marketing expert helps keep strategies aligned and tasks completed on time.
POC has bandwidth to manage agency Your success depends on consistency and momentum. With an engaged POC, your agency stays on track.

If there's anything concerning on this list, talk to your agency about it.

No onel is perfect, so your agency shouldn't expect you to check every box on this list. However, it's always better to discuss potential roadblocks before they occur. This way, you can proactively navigate any potential pitfalls together and build a strong foundation for successful communication.

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