5 Tips for Maximizing Lead Generation In Email Marketing

There’s no denying the power of the email inbox, especially in telecom marketing. Not only is email marketing cost effective, but according to WordStream, it’s the third most influential source of information for B2B audiences behind colleague recommendations and industry thought leaders. With email marketing showing no signs of slowing down, it should be a component of every telecom company’s lead generation strategy.

Email marketing is a great way to spread brand awareness, connect with current customers, and generate leads to help drive sales.

If you’re like most telecom companies we speak to, lead generation is a top priority. So how do you make sure your email marketing is lead-gen focused? Check out our top tips on making email campaign lead generation work for your business.

1. Have the right email marketing platform in place

Let’s zoom out for a moment and think about how sales and marketing – particularly email marketing – work together. Most likely, your sales team is using email for a portion of their outreach and follow-up, so it’s important for them to have insight into your company’s email marketing activity. This allows sales to tailor their efforts better to subscribers who are actively engaging with emails already, what campaigns a subscriber has already been sent, and more.

Having an integrated CRM and email marketing tool is a key piece of the email campaign lead generation puzzle. A platform that combines both of these key components keeps everyone on your team working together.

Some of the more popular platforms are HubSpotMarketoBenchmarkONE, and SalesForce. The search for the right platform can be time consuming, but it’s a worthwhile investment.

2. Use your company buyer personas

The next tip on email campaign lead generation is to create email campaigns with a specific buyer persona in mind. According to HubSpot, a buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.

Highly targeted emails result in higher open-rates and click-through rates – resulting in more leads for your business. So get as personal as possible by considering your persona’s buying stage, demographics, company role, and more.

Email personalization can take form in the email’s content, referencing a reader’s name and/or company name, or noting their interest in a service of your company.

Also, when considering your buyer persona’s buying stage, keep in mind that high funnel emails include newsletters, free downloads, and valuable content. While readers further down the funnel should receive content such as case studies, free trial offers, and testimonials.

3. Don’t forget about the email signature

Email signatures are too often forgotten about when it comes to email campaign lead generation. This crucial space is in every single email, which gives it plenty of opportunity to sell you or company with minimal effort! Signatures are a great opportunity to feature:

  • A link to download an ebook or white paper
  • An invitation to a webinar
  • An invitation to an in-person event such as a Lunch ‘n’ Learn

The possibilities are really endless when it comes to what you can feature here. Just keep these other tips in mind to ensure your signature formats correctly and follows design best practices.

4. Forget about “best regards”

The email sign-off should inspire some type of action from the reader and has the potential to pack a much bigger punch than “best regards.” Talk about overused and boring!  What is the next step you want the reader to take after reading your email? Say it here.

Some examples of sign-offs that encourage the reader to take the next step are:

  • Hope to see you at X event
  • Let’s connect on X day
  • Hope you enjoyed this content piece

5. Nurture leads until they are ready to buy

lead nurturing campaign is where you “use data gathered from a user’s behavior to deliver timed and targeted information that will help guide the prospect through the buying process.” Nurture campaigns are automated, so once they’re setup they require little to no effort to maintain. This means your sales team is consistently staying in front of prospects and nurturing them through the sales funnel without having to do much work at all.

Ideally, you have a nurture campaign setup for your different services. For example, if a prospect who is interested in SD-WAN isn’t ready to buy yet, they can be put on an SD-WAN-specific nurture campaign. The campaign would include relevant and valuable content that will help nurture the prospect along.

The Mojo team can create a stellar campaign for your telecom business that encompasses all of these email campaign lead generation components. Ready to chat about it? Contact us today!

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