Goodbye Mojo, Hello Mojenta: 3 Reasons for Our Rebrand

It's officially official! We're saying goodbye to Mojo Marketing as our company's name and rebranding under the new name Mojenta. While this may come as a surprise to many friends, fans, and customers, it's been in the works for almost two years now.

As with many transitions, this one is definitely bittersweet. We're constantly told what a great name 'Mojo' is for a marketing company, so I imagine many people will question why we are changing such a great name after a decade of brand equity.

And on a more personal note, 'Mojo' has become ingrained in my identity – with people sometimes referring to me as 'Ms. Mojo' (which I have secretly loved!).

That's why I wanted to create this post and share our top 3 reasons for the rebrand.

Less quirk, more style

The name Mojo was chosen on a whim. I initially thought I would freelance for 6-12 months and land at another company, so I wasn't thinking about longevity at the time. I even told the designer who created our logo that Mojo would only ever be me.

Joke's on me...we're now almost 11 years in, with nearly 20 full-time staff!

Through the years, we've gone through some growing pains and phases, some of them 'quirky.' And that's entirely on me. I've infused some offbeat tactics at times and it's worked to gain attention in some cases.

However, we've reached a point in our company's evolution where:

  • 1) This company is now way bigger than just me;
  • 2) We've outgrown the Mojo brand and what it represented; and
  • 3) We want to level up our sophistication.

Over the last two years, we've added some incredible talent to our team. The strategies, tactics, and results we're driving for clients are lightyears more advanced from years past. And that's what we want to lead with - that we are driving real business outcomes.

So we're saying goodbye to the quirk, and fully embracing a more mature style. In other words, 'We're all grown up!'

Mojos, Mojos, everywhere!

There are a LOT of companies out there – especially marketing companies – with 'Mojo' in the name. This can create confusion online and offline, especially since we are a national/international brand (most agencies are local or regional).

The trademark route would be an expensive endeavor with no guaranteed positive outcome, so we opted instead to go with an original word - Mojenta.

It's a word we've used over the last few years to describe our brand's main color, magenta. The color was chosen because it represents creativity, inspiration, and harmony.

'Mojenta' is simple, elegant, and unique – which aptly embodies the new brand's flavor. And we're retaining the M-O-J from Mojo to honor our roots.

Ready for a rebirth

As I mentioned above, we've gone through a major transition internally during the past 1-2 years. We've added key talent, expanded our service offerings, refined our processes, and overall have become a completely different company from the inside out.

So different, in fact, that customers who onboard with us today get a totally distinct experience than they did even six months ago.

Put simply, every aspect of the business has deeply matured. The caterpillar that was Mojo went into its cocoon and is ready to emerge as something vibrant, beautiful, and strong.

And that is perhaps the biggest reason why we've chosen to rebrand to Mojenta. We've outgrown the name 'Mojo' to a point where it no longer fits who we are. And while we've loved bringing Mojo into the lives of our customers and partners, we're excited for the next chapter to begin.

New Beginnings

We hope you will help us say our goodbyes and pay our respects to the brand that was Mojo Marketing. It's put us on the map in the B2B telecom, IT, and cloud services industries and carried us to heights we never dreamed of.

At the same time, we couldn't be more proud of the new Mojenta brand and all that it means for our current and future clients. We hope you'll embrace the new brand with open arms!

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