Is Email Marketing Dead? 3 Reasons Why You Still Need It

Good news for cloud, IT and telecom companies with email strategies in place! Adobe’s recently validated some of our assumptions about email marketing’s continuing effectiveness. Despite the fact that email seems to be a rather ancient from of Web marketing, don’t discount it when you want to reach your target audience. According to Adobe’s survey of 400 U.S. white-collar workers, most respondents prefer getting promotional offers via email.

How Not to Get Deleted

Survey respondents don’t see their email dependence changing anytime soon, and the char​acteristics that have made email messages welcome and successful since the beginning of their widespread use are now even more important in our mobile economy. But don’t bother sending a promotional email unless it strikes a personal chord and is obviously relevant and/or useful.

Spam: The Same as It Ever Was

Impersonal, generic, poorly targeted email = spam. The basic tenets of email success still apply:

  • Targeted/personalized
  • Attractive
  • Engaging
  • Action-motivating…

These emails really work. The only thing that surpasses how much the professionals surveyed like great email is how much they hate spam.
Want to burnout your email list? Here’s how…

  • Non-specific
  • Boring
  • Generic
  • Irrelevant-to-daily-life…

These emails are ineffective and off-putting.

Email Arouses Endless Curiosity: We Can’t Stay Away!

Adobe’s survey revealed that these days, we’re checking email from anywhere and everywhere we happen to be. And there’s no line between personal and business email; both are checked without regard to “office hours.”

But We Wish We Could…

Unsurprisingly, most respondents said they wish to receive less email and to spend less time checking it. Respondents also found slow-loading images, non-mobile-friendly layouts, and excessive scrolling to be annoying. The key: optimize to the hilt for distracted, multitasking, out-and-about individuals who may split their attention between email and a movie, eating lunch, or friends.

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