Court Campion

Director of Marketing Strategy

Court has been developing and strategizing data-driven, demand-gen marketing programs for the last 15+ years, with the last six spent exclusively with B2B clients and companies. With experience working in-house directly for companies and externally as the lead strategist at numerous agencies, Court understands how both sides of the coin work, what each side is looking for, and ultimately knows how to best weave everything together to maximize campaign efficiency – at scale, quickly.

Relevant experience: Spent five years at an enterprise-level SaaS provider in higher education running their marketing team where I designed and executed demand-gen strategies. Prior, I helped build out the in-house marketing department at a celebrity non-profit and spent a combined three years building demand-gen marketing programs and advising clients at numerous B2B tech/cloud/SaaS companies through multiple marketing agencies.

Education: A.S. in IMD, Art Institute of California – Orange County

Hobbies: Curating my ever-growing art collection, spending time tinkering with my 3D printer, and learning how to play the latest complex board game I bought off Kickstarter.

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