Storytelling Through Content Marketing: 6 Essential Tips

Capture your audience and generate more leads with more compelling content marketing.Content marketing has become more than just a buzz word these days; it is a critical part of every company’s marketing strategy. Whether this encompasses blogs, white papers, webinars, infographics, or all of the above, many businesses are realizing the importance of content when it comes to generating quality leads.

Thanks to social media, content can be posted and spread within seconds. Although helpful in some respects, certain content can be perceived as a one-off social post. Every piece of content shared should have a purpose and serve as a building block to a bigger idea. Just like a well-written book, great content marketing tells a story.

With the amount of content being generated each day, it is important for a company’s content to build upon itself and act as a cohesive unit. This becomes even more critical for B2B companies that rely on differentiators to stand out from the competition.

See below for six tips that will help your company effectively tell its story:

1. Storytelling gives readers a reason to care.

You have mere seconds to grab a reader’s attention, so make sure the content is compelling and relevant to the target audience.

2. It is creative and different.

Be sure to play up differentiators through your content and remind the audience of why your brand is proprietary — and how this helps solve their problems.

3. Good storytelling results in sales.

If your content marketing addresses the customers’ pain points and provides a solution for their problems, then it should get them to take action (buy!).

4. Storytelling is strategized.

As mentioned above, content marketing should act as a cohesive unit, with each piece playing an integral part. Content marketing should support initiatives to achieve an overarching goal.

5. Content must be compelling.

Ensuring content relates to customers is a critical part of good storytelling. This begins with understanding your target audience as well as their pain points.

6. Content marketing is a process.

One’s entire story can’t be told in a day; similarly, content marketing is a process that should unfold over time. Don’t try to say everything all on one social platform or in one post. All content should be strategically placed to unfold naturally.

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