Bettina Pavone

Digital Marketing Strategist

Bettina has been a Digital Marketing Strategist at Mojenta since 2021. She has worked in the marketing field since 2013 with a strong focus on digital strategy development. She began her marketing career in tourism and worked in the music and real estate industries before shifting her focus to B2B tech in 2018. She applies all of her experience in digital marketing to her current role at Mojenta.

Relevant experience: Consulted on and designed websites with proven success in lead generation, paired with a digital marketing strategy that focused on lead conversion; created and executed SEO strategies that lead to a 70% growth of top-ranking, organic search results.

Education: Currently pursuing an Associate Arts Degree in Marketing at Santa Barbara City College.

Hobbies: Aerial dance, flow arts (hula hoop and fire spinning), performing with a wild Glam-punk band in Santa Barbara, surfing, anime, live music, and spending time with her dog and cat.

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